“Accept the ‘Bonus’ Challenges”

Reflections as a Runner by Michelle Jezycki

by Michelle Jezycki, Hyland’s Masters Athlete

Stay positive when running.Stay positive.  Reflection on my running and racing past and present always brings a smile to my face. I clearly recall the heat of Singapore with racers looking like they were going to drop at any moment. I see the snow the morning of a Tahoe triathlon and the expressions on the athlete’s faces as if to say, “are we really racing in this?” From hot to cold, desert dryness to humidity, races provide the full spectrum of situations for us to overcome. This is one of the things I love about competing. 

We can train just as we planned and toe the line at the start but unless we are able to adjust and adapt during the event, that training can be derailed by mother nature, other runners, course difficulties or otherwise. Being flexible and accepting the “bonus” challenges only makes us stronger. Try not to expend much energy if something happens during the run or race, instead problem solve it and keep moving forward. Stay positive.

Each race for me is a chance to add to my “reservoir.” This is my place I can go to when things get tough and I ask myself “how can I get through this?!” In a mere second the answer is there for me: I can do this because I have prepared. I have intentionally faced adversity in so many different situations during training and racing that I can dip into that reservoir and get through the snow, heat, GI or other issues that are presented on race day.

Remember, you will be stronger at the finish line than you were at the start line! Add to your reservoir and let the lessons overflow into other areas of your life!

Enjoy the journey!

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