Find Your Finish Line, Day 1:

What does Boston mean to you?

The Boston Marathon. To runners, those three words evoke intense emotion, excitement and very personal dreams of achievement. It is the longest running annual marathon in the country, celebrating its 120th race this year. It is the most prestigious, the most desired and represents the pinnacle of the sport.

At the starting line this year will be over 30,000 runners eagerly waiting for one of the most meaningful moments of their lives to begin. We imagine each to have an incredible story. Though we certainly can’t talk to everyone, we did ask our very own 10 runners this question, “What does Boston mean to you?”

To some of our runners, Boston represents a celebration of their success as a runner and an acknowledgement for all the hard work they’ve put in.

Nicole – “Running the #BostonMarathon will be a celebration for me: a reward for so many years of hard work.”


Robin – “Crossing that finish line will be most satisfying because it is so difficult to get to the starting line of this race. I can hardly wait to get there!”


Matt – “My dad ran the Boston Marathon in 1983. The next day, I had decided to become a runner. Thirty-three years later, I am still a runner. In 2009, the experience just wasn’t what I’d hoped it would be. Running this year’s Boston Marathon means a second chance to close the circle.”

Joshua Holmes of Run It Fast, one of our experts, reminds all Boston runners. “Many of you have overcome large obstacles, hurdles, life hardships, and setbacks to get to this point in your running career. The opportunity that stands in front you has been earned with hard work, sacrifice, and intense dedication. Be sure to enjoy every step of this magical journey.”

Enjoying this moment won’t be  a problem for Donna, who helps us distill the race into its purest element: joy.

Donna – “The #BostonMarathon means pure happiness to me. I feel the happiest I have ever felt right now, and I am loving it!”

Though you can never lose sight that it is still a marathon, it can also be a triumphant party and celebration. Nash puts it best.

Nash – “To run Boston is to be a Greek ‘Running’ God for a day.”

The Boston Marathon can mean a lot of things but for everyone there is one thing they have in common: it was a hard journey but the finish line makes it all worth it.

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