Find Your Finish Line, Day 10:

How will you conquer your 3 biggest fears?

Confidence is not a lack of fear but an acknowledgement and respect for what you fear, followed by adequate plans to conquer it. Training for the Boston Marathon is intense and with it comes facing your fears head on. It’s a task that you have to complete well before you get to the starting line. As part of their path to Find Your Finish Line, our runners have shared these very personal videos describing their 3 biggest fears and how they’ll overcome them.


Meghan lays out her fears, which are also some of the most common fears all runners have. Physical ailments, hitting the wall and the unknowns. Check out her video to see her great ways to deal with this.


Joshua Holmes, from our expert panel, responds to Meghan’s video with some great advice, “In your fears, you talked about how in a prior race the camber (slant) of the road caused the bursitis in your hip to flare up. One way to help avoid or minimize that issue, if you happen to be running a race with a lot of slant, is to split your time on both sides of the road, which I call balancing your tires, and also to run in the middle/top of the road which is often the flattest part between the two opposing sides of a cambered road. This has helped my body stay more aligned and survive long distances on asphalt roads.”

In tackling one of his biggest fears, Nash feels like he needs to “keep the lion in the cage” in Boston. You’ll want to see what he means by that.


Pam has some very practical ways to prepare for her fears. She reminds us that realistic fears can be addressed with very realistic measures.


What fears have you had to face down, as a athlete? Join the conversation at #HylandsFYFL.

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