Find Your Finish Line, Day 11:

Choose a word. Write it on your body. Tell us why.

Running is music, an expression of motion and rhythm. To further extend the analogy, our bodies are our instruments and the miles run are our notes. In this world of symphonic running, a successful musician must know their instrument very well, all the nuances and all the quirks. While preparing for the biggest concert stage there is, the Boston Marathon, the Find Your Finish Line team reveal to us their very personal perspectives on their bodies, the instruments that will help them find their finish line.

Chinh: Many people work on their form when they run. I have recently been working on improving my cadence to get it over 180 steps per minute. So while other people have mantras like “Run Strong” or “Be Tough,” when the going gets tough, I repeat to myself “I’m a hummingbird” so that I can focus on moving my feet quickly.





Day11DonnaDonna: As I prepare for the #BostonMarathon, I would like to say “thank you” to my leg. This leg has been through so much, and it still runs with me nearly everyday, and it gets faster and stronger each time that I make a request. I suffer from a recurrent hip flexor injury that manifests itself as inner quadricep pain. The pain can become excruciating. I have an amazing physical therapist who found the route cause of the problem. She worked diligently to provide me with stretches and strength training exercises to prevent the injury from happening again. However, I know that I must respect my leg. If my leg hurts when I run too fast or go too far, I have to back off. I need to rest and stretch. I want this leg to get me through many years of running, and it can only do that if I treat it well.



Day11JayJay: There are too many pitfalls and penalties for excitability in a marathon. Believe me, I’ve been there. This time will be different: I’ll stick to the plan.







Day11LouieLouie: An homage to my high school track coach. A word that I live by and defines the way I go about training. Never give in, always persevere.  







Day11MattMatt: Why “focus”? Because it is the defining characteristic of effective preparation for an event like the Boston Marathon. To me, “focus” means that every element of my preparation—from training to diet to rest and beyond—is aligned toward the same purpose.





Day11MeghanMeghan: I chose the word “strong” because today my training plan calls for a 45 minute tempo run, which basically means speed training. I wrote it on my hand because during the peak of this run my hands will be open and my arms will be pumping and I’m going to need to feel “strong” to get through it.





Day11MikeMike: HERE! This one word gets my attention and keeps me focused on my next step. Not what is behind me or in front. But right HERE!







Day11NashNash: Running marathons requires STRENGTH. Strong legs. Strong mind. Some of us are born strong but most of us have to build strength one training run at a time.







Day11NicoleNicole: Sometimes before heading out for a tough training run, it’s important to remember to #Breathe








Day11PamPam: Risk.  What does it mean to you?  For me, it’s being willing to push myself, to red line on race day.  Because only when we take risks can we reap rewards.







Day11RobinRobin: It was after a really tiring and stressful day at work that I wrote this and took the pic.  It is just what I needed to motivate me to get out and do my training run for the day.  I didn’t feel like it and knew if I just got out and started running it would be ok.






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