Find Your Finish Line, Day 12:

Share with us your gear. Is there an item with a story to tell?

The Boston Marathon is the dream race for many runners. You dream about what it would mean to call yourself a Boston Marathon finisher. You dream about those iconic miles as you make your way into the city and towards finding your finish line. And sometimes you just dream about putting on your gear and lacing up your shoes on that fateful day.

Gear is important. It’s about having the familiar with you and giving you the confidence to tackle unfamiliar miles. We asked our runners to share what gear they’re preparing for Boston.

Day12LouieLouie starts us off with a simple set of gear, so simple that even his adorable daughter can model it for us.

“Baby Daphne modeling my #BostonMarathon racing gear. Colonie blue and Old Glory.”






Day12JaySometimes the most important thing you take away from a race is not a medal but some hard earned lessons. Matt explains how his gear is a direct result of his prior experiences, “When I ran my first Boston Marathon in 2011, my race was ruined by muscle damage and pain. The gear I’ve chosen for my second Boston Marathon will help prevent this disaster from recurring. I will wear well-cushioned shoes, compression socks to attenuate tissue vibration in my lower legs, kinesiotape to reduce pain in my problem areas, shorts with pockets to store protein-containing energy gels, which are proven to reduce muscle damage during prolonged exercise, and a GPS watch to ensure I don’t start to fast on the quadriceps-rattling downslopes of Hopkinton.”

Ultramarathoner and our expert Joshua Holmes approves: “You were smart to learn from the mistakes you made in your prior Boston Marathon. It’s evident in the gear you’ve selected and laid out in your photo that you are going to be as well prepared as you can be on race day for success and to perform at a high level.”

Day12PamExperience not only invaluably gives you lessons but also shows you your personal preferences. As Pam explains her gear, one can see that her favorites are earned through trial, not whim, “Race day essentials.  Brooks Glycerine shoes (love a wide toe box with plenty of cushioning), Brooks shorts (gear only makes the cut if the pockets perfectly carry chews and gels) and a wicking tee or tank. This one not only wicks but reminds me to stay focused on my goal and the finish line.”



A quick glance at some of the other gear setups from the team shows us that they are ready to go. The essentials as shared by Robin, Mike, Nash and Jay:

Day12Robin Day12Mike

Day12Nash Day12Jay

Day12ChinhSometimes favorites are not self-selected but are gifts by loved ones. Chinh explains his wool socks and gives a shout out to Hyland’s Leg Cramps: “The socks have an amusing story. My mom, being a mom, got me these wool socks that I wouldn’t have thought to purchase for myself [for Christmas]. I now love the socks! They have good cushion and wick away moisture. In my waist belt, I will have several packets for PowerGel for fuel, salt pills, and of course, my Hyland’s Leg Cramps cream and pills.”



Day12ElvisFinally, we have a very special participant in today’s entries. Iron Man Hall of Famer Bob Babbitt, one of our experts, shares the Elvis outfit and gear he used in the 2015 Boston Marathon. Bob’s description: “Just the essentials of life.”






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