Find Your Finish Line, Day 13:

What is your power song while running?

There’s running and then there’s running while your power song is playing. The feeling you get when the song’s beats and your own tempo sync up perfectly is empowering, especially when you’re more than a handful of miles into a training run. We asked our runners to share with us their go to power song and their responses not only gave us a great view into their personal style but also let us put together a hopping playlist.

We invite you to check out the Find Your Finish Line team’s Spotify playlist, a great selection of songs that’ll surely inspire you to blaze through your own trails.

We’ll let our runners describe why these songs are guaranteed to get anyone moving.

Donna on “Happy”: “When I hear this song, it makes me want to run, and if I do hear it during a run or workout, watch out, here I come!”

Meghan on “Remember the Name”: “There is a part in the song that repeats in my head when I’m pushing myself whether it’s up a hill, a tempo run, or to get to the finish line. It goes ‘this is 10 percent luck, 20 percent skill, 15 percent concentrated power of will, 5 percent pleasure, 50 percent pain, and 100 percent reason to remember the name.’”

Matt on “Show Me The Way”: “The song melds Western pop flavors beautifully with traditional African rumba rhythms and harmonies, and its positive energy puts a bounce in my stride every time I hear it.”

Nash on “Tighten Up”: “I think a great power song has energy but isn’t chaotic. This one is upbeat, soulful, and always inspires me to give just a bit more!”

While our runners train hard with these tunes energizing their steps, our expert Joshua Holmes leaves us with an important reminder for the big day: “On race day listen to your tunes if that is your thing, but be sure at times during the race to unplug from it and take in all the sights, sounds, and noises of the thousands of spectators around you. Everyone deserves to hear the applause and accolades being shouted their way during a spectacular sporting event. Let all your senses soak up the amazing environment of the Boston Marathon at least during a few points during your race.”

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