Find Your Finish Line, Day 14:

Assemble items that tell us all we need to know about you as a runner

The artifacts of our lives can tell us a lot about who we are and remind us what’s important. As runners, we can build up an extensive inventory of memories and souvenirs through all the miles we’ve conquered, but what key items really represent who we are? We asked our 10 Find Your Finish Line runners to assemble items that tell us all we need to know about them, as runners. Here are some of these great self-portraits, drawn not by paint but by the collectibles from their own passionate pursuit towards their finish line.

Meghan shares a rich kaleidoscope of objects that show her Day14Meghanwell-rounded approach to running. “This pictures explains me as a runner because I like medals, good food, chat sessions with my girlfriends, challenging myself, finding new ways to improve my running, stories from other runners, and the more I do it the more it becomes my way of life which helps me stay balanced.”





Day14NicoleNicole reveals to us an academic approach to the sport, she says, “Even when I’m not running, I’m always seeking more information about running and training. I find joy in the art and science of it.”

Our expert panelist Sarah Bowen Shea can’t help but notice that both Meghan and Nicole have copies of her books in the stacks. Quick shout-out from Sarah: “I gotta give them props and love!”




Day14LouieIf there’s something runners have plenty of, it’s shoes. Louie shows us that distance isn’t just measured in miles but can also be measured in shoes. His caption to this shoe memorial: “Piles of shoes. The trial of miles. Miles of trials.”






Day14Nash“Medals are great, but they usually end up in a drawer. It’s the intangible things that end up sticking with us.” What a great reminder from Nash that what we might see as a pile of medals is much more than that to the runner that earned them. And those memories and moments can be infinitely more valuable than hardware.

At the end of the day, perhaps what identifies us as runners more than anything are the experiences we have running. Something perhaps impossible to capture in a single image.



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