Find Your Finish Line, Day 15:

What is your pre-workout ritual?

Day15LacingUpRunning is not hard. Getting yourself out of bed to start running, now that’s hard. We asked our 10 runners on their road to the Boston Marathon, what is your pre-workout ritual? It was a polite way to ask how they get themselves motivated for those grueling 20 mile training runs on a cold Monday morning.

May we present, the Find Your Finish Line team’s pre-workout supercut:

On the day before a long run, I try to drink at least 12-15, 8-oz. glasses of water. When I am not hydrated on a long run, I notice fatigue, heavy legs, and I just don’t feel like myself. I also work hard to eat right the day before. I usually eat a combination of all of the food groups, concentrating on whole grain carbs and protein. Before I go to bed, I check the weather, set out my clothes, charge my watch, fill my water bottles, and get my nutrition packed for the run. I try to get a good night’s sleep although pre-running nerves sometimes wake me. – Donna

Deciding to leave a warm bed for a 10 mile run on a rainy Monday morning is a very hard decision to make.  It just seems cruel. Instead, I focus on getting out of bed for a drink of water.  Easier decision to make.  Once I’m in the kitchen, I eat a spoonful of cashew butter and have a sip of cold-brew coffee. – Nash

Coffee. It’s warmth breaks morning chill, the caffeine washes sleep from my eyes, and, um, it rattles everything else loose. After coffee, it’s go time. – Jay

Oatmeal. Berries. Sportscenter. Change a diaper or three. House chores. Feed the cats. Think about how to get a solid workout done in 45 minutes before heading in for the afternoon shift. Do it. Repeat. The modern pre-workout ritual. – Louie

I put on my suit of armor: petroleum jelly on the feet, kinesiotape on my sore spots, socks, shorts, and top. Then I head back downstairs to strap on the ol’ GPS watch and perhaps grab my iPod also. I start almost all of my runs right outside my front door, lingering on the sidewalk until my device connects with a satellite. I don’t do anything special mentally to prepare. – Matt

I try to just focus on what needs to get done during this training run, whether it’s distance or pace/speed work (the 2 hardest days of the plan). If I dwell on how cold it is, or wet it is, or how I really just want to crawl back into bed because I’m tired, it’s counterproductive and just makes it much harder to do what needs to be done. – Meghan

I put all my other thoughts and distractions on a shelf for a while and go run! – Robin

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