Find Your Finish Line, Day 16:

Create the handmade sign that would motivate you if you saw it at mile 16

A training run can be a tranquil, almost meditative experience. It’s just you, a stretch of road and the time to lose yourself in the mileage. Running the Boston Marathon, well, that is more like a 26.2 mile party. It’s a celebration of athletic success with thousands of cheering fans along each and every mile. That energy has propelled countless runners over the years, and a key ingredient of that enthusiasm is the simple but powerful handmade sign.

We asked the Find Your Finish Line team to make a sign that would be a “pick me up” for them on mile 16.

Donna starts us out on a positive note and our expert Sarah Bowen Shea agrees with the powerful reminder. “Never, EVER underestimate the power of positive thinking, either in training or race day (or while injured). This sign really speaks to me, and I might have to co-opt Donna’s plan to #NotGoNegative while running from Hopkinton to Boston!”


Rounding a corner in mile 16, Meghan and Pam look for the same inspiring phrase, a reminder that today is the day they can do this.

Day16-2 Day16-3

Perhaps the best inspiration of all is not the sign itself, but the one who’s carrying it. Nicole and Louie imagine themselves breezing through mile 16 if seeing their adorable kids cheering them on.

Day16-4 Day16-5

They say humor is the best medicine, and perhaps it’s also the best shot in the arm when you need a boost of energy or spirit. Mike, Nash, Robin and Chinh welcome the thought of cracking a smile at mile 16. Sarah Bowen Shea agrees, “A true laugh during a rough patch in a race can do wonders for your spirits and your body.”

Day16-6 Day16-7

Day16-8 Day16-9

Matt helps put it all in perspective. At the end of the day, just…


Expert panelist Joshua Holmes explains, “Relaxation is one of the most important things on race day, in my opinion. It helps keep the mind and muscles less tense which uses less energy. You can also focus a lot better the more relaxed you are during the race.”

It’s taken a lot more than just 16 miles to get to this moment in the race, and these signs reflect our runners’ personalities and what they’ll need to tackle those last ten miles. Whether it’s through the power of positivity or humor, we know our athletes have all the right signs to find their finish line.

What sign would you want to see during mile 16? Join the conversation at #HylandsFYFL.

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