Find Your Finish Line, Day 17

To someone who doesn't run, describe what running feels like

Running is inherently personal. Physically and emotionally, the experience of running is unique for each runner, like a fingerprint. We asked our 10 Find Your Finish Line runners to help shed some light on their perspectives of what running feels like.


These athletes run at a level that pushes their bodies to extreme limits, and it doesn’t always feel good. Nicole gives us an honest view of the sport, which it’s not always rosy at first: “A lot of times it feels really awful and hard [but] things can turn around. You can get to those moments that feel great.”


Our expert Joshua Holmes seconds Nicole’s view, “I agree that running isn’t always fun. It often can be a release and the magical drug that many like to talk about so favorably, but at times it can be hard work and unenjoyable. Many runs for me start that way, then at some point that turns around and by the time it’s over I feel really good about myself for getting it done.”

While our athletes acknowledge that the road to becoming a runner can be rough, they also believe that pushing through those early struggles can lead to something really rewarding. When they run, they feel free. They the shed the day’s struggles and distractions with each step they take.

According to Nash, “It’s like taking a happy pill. My mom used to say, ‘You don’t always feel like going for a run but you’re always glad you did.’”



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