Find Your Finish Line, Day 19:

Show us something you enjoy doing when you’re not training

Sometimes the most effective way to train for the Boston Marathon is to not train at all. Like many things in life, striking the perfect balance between determination and relaxation is key to finding success. We asked our runners what they enjoy doing when they’re not focused on training.

Day19-LouieLouie: Running/racing is absolutely one of my great passions. But there’s always room for more passion in your life! I am completely and utterly passionate about this baby and her love of books. Totally passionate about shirtless house renovations. And fully passionate about costume parties.





Day19-JayJay: After the #BostonMarathon wraps up, it’ll be back to riding. Road, dirt, whatever.








Day19-MeghanMeghan: I enjoy playing golf. I’m a fair weather golfer and typically run spring marathons therefore I can play golf late spring through early fall in the nice weather and not try to fit in both golf and running.






Day19-MattMatt: Running is not my only passion. I also love to travel. The trouble is that traveling is not always compatible with running–unless you go out of your way to make it so. This photo was taken during a two-week trip to Kenya I made last year. The trip was organized by a Kenyan-American runner especially for runners interested in making a running-themed trip to his homeland. Highlights included running a marathon in a wilderness reserve (picture a safari with no Jeep, just running shoes) and a visit to Iten, the epicenter of Kenya’s elite runner community.

Our expert panelist, Sarah Bowen Shea, just had to sneak in this note, “Running a marathon in Kenya?! Sounds to me like coolest experience ever!!”

Day19-PamPam: When I’m not training (or on rest days) my favorite thing to do is to hang out with these 2 crazy kids (and their friends).







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