Find Your Finish Line, Day 2:

Show us a powerful selfie

Personal confidence is intimately tied to success, especially when it comes to running a marathon. On day 2 of our 26 day road to Boston, we asked our runners to share a simple selfie, giving us a glimpse into what they look like before a training run. What we got were more than just photos, these are self portraits of the confident runner found inside each of them.

What does confidence look like?

It can be a big and beautiful smile before a very long road ahead.

Donna Louie Nash Nicole

Confidence can be serious and go hand-in-hand with that look of determination that says, “I got this.”


But confidence doesn’t always have to take itself so seriously. Sometimes it can be a little silly. According to our expert Sarah Bowen Shea, “Having a sense of humor is key in getting through the rough spots of marathon training.”

Chinh Mike

Sometimes being confident just means shaking off the “don’t want to do it” and taking that first step.


We appreciate our runners sharing their self-portraits of confidence with all of us. There’s a lot of training ahead for our runners, but based on these powerful selfies, we have no doubt they’re headed for Boston Marathon success.

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