Find Your Finish Line, Day 20:

What makes you smile, without fail, while running?

No matter what you do, it’s worth it if it makes you smile. That includes training for the most prestigious marathon in the country–the Boston Marathon. We asked the Find Your Finish Line team to tell us what makes them smile, without fail, while running?

Day20-NashNash: I dare you to see the sunrise on a clear morning run and not crack a smile. ALWAYS gets me.

Our expert Joshua Holmes agrees, “I often don’t train before late in the afternoon. The beauty of when I do run though is I almost always get to see a beautiful sunset. When I race, I usually get to see beautiful sunrises. The time in between, when the sun is above, we rarely notice it, or appreciate it. But there is a beauty seeing a sunrise and sunset. That beauty is magnified ten-fold for me when I’m getting to run at the same time as the sun is rising or falling.


Mike: The one thing that always makes me smile when I run is coming up our driveway, past our chickens and see the lights on and smoke coming out of the chimney from a warm fire. It is a comforting sight.

Day20-PamPam: What makes me smile while running?  Random sights that I’d otherwise miss.  Like this guy (everytime I run by, I tell him not to jump).







Louie: I can’t help but smile at happy animals I see on training runs. My absolute favorites are the thoroughbred horses on Fitch Rd who always spot me coming and like to run alongside as I pass their farms. Running with thoroughbreds!

Day20-DonnaDonna: My best running friend (BRF), Jennifer, makes me laugh without fail, every time we run together. This is a picture of us at the end of a very funny 20 mile run together. We laugh aloud before we even start our run together on Friday mornings, and the laughs continue throughout the run and later through texts all weekend long!

Sarah Bowen Shea from our expert panel, adds this: “I totally agree: a best running friend (BRF) is the most sure-fire smile-generator in the world!”



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