Find Your Finish Line, Day 22:

Who would you want to congratulate you at the finish line?

The finish line at the Boston Marathon is an iconic place, the hard fought peak of Mt. Everest, for runners. After hundreds of miles of training and the exhausting but exhilarating race itself, the Boston Marathon finish can be a physical and emotional roller coaster. It’s at that very moment that a friendly and welcoming face can be all that you really need.

We asked our Find Your Finish Line runners who, real or fictional – past or present, would they want to congratulate them at the finish line. Of all the people in the world, even the fictional ones, our runners came back with one consistent answer: Family.

As a tribute to those that helped us with our very first steps:

Louie: My mother of course. She will be with me the whole 26.2 and I wish we could hang out after the race. Miss her everyday.


Chinh: Like any child, I want my parents to be proud of me. But my father passed away of stomach cancer when I was young. So for my person, I choose my dad to be there to congratulate me.


Donna: I would pick my Gram, my Mom’s mother. She passed away when I was four years old. She holds a very dear place in my heart. As young as I was, we had an amazing bond. I know she is always with me, guiding me to do amazing things with my life. As much as I would love to see her at the finish line in Boston, I know she will be with me the entire race. I love you, Gram!


Joshua Holmes from our expert panel sums it up for us, “Running is a powerful way to get in touch with lost loved ones: I have great faith they will be with you every step of the way.”


Robin: I would like for my father to congratulate me. He was an athlete in his younger years and enjoyed seeing me and my 3 older brothers participating in sports when we were growing up. He was very proud of our accomplishments and he would be very proud of me for completing the Boston Marathon.


Ten days before Robin crosses the finish line in Boston, his father will be posthumously inducted into the Gibson County Sports Hall of Fame, which honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Gibson County, Tennessee athletics on the high school, college or professional level. Joshua, a friend of Robin’s, adds this personal note: “In many ways you and your late father are sharing your own successful sports accomplishments at the same time. You are running the Boston Marathon, and he is being inducted into the Hall of Fame within a few days of each other. In a way, it’s like you are both there for each other to applaud each other’s sports success.”

For some of our runners, the finish line is not a place to celebrate themselves but a place to give thanks and to inspire.


Pam: Dad, I’d pick you. Thank you for teaching me: reach for more, anything is possible if you work at it, only your very best is acceptable, and, most importantly, Noli Illegitimi Carborundum.


Jay: If able to have anyone’s congrats après #BostonMarathon, it’d be my wife, @DonnaPhelan. She knows my capabilities best, so her approval meant I did it right.


Nicole: If I could have one person there to congratulate me at the finish line of the #BostonMarathon, it would be my husband Chris. He has been a constant support to me.


Meghan: That one person would be my son Evan. [He’s never] seen me run and have never felt the energy of a big organized race like this. For him to see his Mom cross the finish line would most likely stick in his mind and hopefully motivate him at some point in his life to dream big and do what it takes to accomplish that dream.


Our expert Sarah Bowen Shea gives us the last word, reminding us that the Find Your Finish Line team is really a unique group. I’m touched and impressed by everyone’s choices–people from their own lives. Is now the time I ‘fess up to my first thoughts turned to hot celebrities like Jon Hamm or Idris Elba?!?”

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