Find Your Finish Line, Day 23:

Create some art that encapsulates you at the finish line

Art has been a medium for our 10 Boston Marathon runners over these 26 days to express strength, adversity, challenges and inspiration. Today, we asked our runners to show us the celebratory emotions of the finish line. We’re honored to share with you, their final Find Your Finish Line art project.

Day23 MeghanMeghan:

“My heart is full of so many emotions. I’m proud, excited, exhausted, accomplished, and feeling love for all those who supported me just to name a few.”






Day23 Chinh


“This piece of art is pretty much self explanatory: I just love the whole Boston Marathon experience!”







Day23 NicoleNicole:

“Finish Line of #BostonMarathon”

Nicole let the words in her piece speak for itself, our expert panel loved her contribution.


Joshua Holmes connects to the art, “Your artwork sums up how almost all my finishes have felt. There can be times when the next step might seem impossible or I’ll feel like I’ll pass out, but when I have crossed that finish line it has baptized me every time with this amazing feeling throughout my veins of many of the powerful words you used in your artwork.”

Sarah Bowen Shea adds, A vision board is a very, very powerful thing, Nicole. This one is awesome–tuck it in your luggage so you can meditate on it the days and night immediately before the race.”

Day23 DonnaDonna:

“My picture symbolizes fireworks. The image that comes to my mind when I think about crossing the finish line in Boston is fireworks. The emotional explosion that will be going through me will be amazing. I am anticipating that I will feel happiness, excitement, anxiety, exhaustion, and even sadness.”



Day23 JayJay:

Jay created and shares with us this simple but powerful image.








Everything our runners have done was to build up to this moment–all of the mental and physical training, the sacrificed mornings, the missed time with family and friends, the overall commitment to crossing that finish line–and this art speaks volumes to their accomplishments.


What art would you create to celebrate a success like finishing the #BostonMarathon? Join the conversation at #HylandsFYFL.

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