Find Your Finish Line, Day 24:

Tell us about someone who helped you get to the finish line

Although running is an individual’s sport, getting to the starting line often requires long hours, sacrifice, determination and grit… from the runner’s friends and loved ones. We gave our Find Your Finish Line runners a chance to thank those that helped them get to the Boston Marathon.


Matt acknowledges what every runner knows, those closest to us are the most impacted by the sport. “It’s not easy to be married to a runner. My wife has been extremely supportive.”


Joshua Holmes agrees and adds, “I think it’s sweet that you mentioned your wife. Often I think, as runners, we get obsessed and consumed with our passion for running and forget the sacrifices our families often make for us in our running goals. I think it’s important to give back to them, support their passions, and reward them with a beautiful trip like the one to Napa Valley that you plan to do with her after the race.”

Nicole shares with us a moving open-hearted thank you message to her running coach. “I’m going to be at that starting line with the true confidence of what I’m capable of. I want to thank you for that.”


Nash thanks his fiancée for her support and for “kicking me out of bed in the mornings to go for my training runs. Putting up with me at 6AM. She provides me with endless amounts of encouragement and support.”


Who would you thank for a success like the #BostonMarathon? Join the conversation at #HylandsFYFL.

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