Find Your Finish Line, Day 25:

After I finish the Boston Marathon, I’m going to…

A race like the Boston Marathon can be grueling, both in training and at the race itself. Sometimes what you look forward to the most is not just crossing the finish line but what’s on the other side. We asked our Find Your Finish Line athletes to tell us what they are most looking forward to doing after the race.

Jay gives us the very simple truth, after weeks of rigorous training, sometimes what you just need after the race is a bit of indulgence. “Immediately after #BostonMarathon? Already researching burger and beer joints and rich boutique chocolate cake slice vendors.”

Nicole wants to slow down and take in some more of Boston, off her feet: “After I finish the #BostonMarathon, I’m going to enjoy a beer and bowl of chowda in Boston.”

Day25-LouieLouie looks forward to the very moment at the end of the race when he’s reunited with his family. He wants to “hug my wife and baby Daphne!!! Seeing D at the finish line, most likely holding an American flag if I know my wife, will be better than finishing the marathon itself! Running and racing used to be the most important thing for me. It consumed me. Now, I am consumed by the love from these two!”





Perhaps the runner with the best and most envious plan is Nash, who shares that “after I finish the #BostonMarathon I’m heading to Hawaii for some rest and celebration. My body is going to need it!”

You can’t drop a plan like that and not get a reaction from our expert panel. Sarah Bowen Shea eagerly says what we’re all thinking, “Oooh, can we all join you?” Joshua Holmes chimes in, “Hawaii after finishing the Boston Marathon? You are living the dream. What’s after Hawaii, space tourism for a month?”


The spirit of altruism runs too strong in Robin to rest for too long. He looks forward to some R&R but also to getting right back to it. He wants to “hopefully get some massage on my tired body and then later have a steak dinner and a nice dessert.  After that, in 2 weeks, I can hardly wait to be running the St. Jude Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Nashville, TN for the kids at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.” You’re a true hero Robin!

Chocolate cake or a massage, what would you want to do first? Join the conversation at #HylandsFYFL.

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