Find Your Finish Line, Day 26

Show us what you’ll look like as you cross the finish line

10 runners. 26 days. Find Your Finish Line.

Day 26.

We’ve traveled together on this long road to the Boston Marathon and on this last day of the journey, we want to thank all of our runners and experts for such an amazing experience. This intimate glimpse into how our runners have prepared for one of the biggest days of their lives has enriched us all. But, we’re not done yet.

Our runners are sending us off with one last bit of fun. We asked them to show us a picture of what they think they’ll look like at the finish line.

Donna starts us off with a photo that would make anyone smile:

Day26-Donna“This is one of my absolute favorite pictures of my six year old son, Jacob. The pure joy in his face is amazing! I love the expressions of children because they are true and unfiltered. At the end of a marathon, all of my filters will be gone out of sheer exhaustion, and I hope to have a smile of pure joy on my face.”

Expert panelist Sarah Bowen Shea sums it up the best, “Best.Picture.Ever.”




Day26-MikeWe see that pure joy from Mike as well in his photo submission.








Day26-MeghanSome of our runners know that the joy will come later, at the actual finish line, things may be more intense. Meghan: “Exhausted, letting it all sink in, and grateful for the opportunity to run the #BostonMarathon.”

Sarah knows the feeling well, “Right there with you, #motherrunner: Bent over from exhaustion, letting the magnitude of the experience seep in as sweat continues to pore out.”




Day26-LouieLouie humorously shows us that he’s willing to do “whatever it takes to get across that line!!!”








Day26-MattThere might be more than one reason to be floored at the finish line and Matt nails it, “The first and strongest emotion I expect to feel when I cross the Boston Marathon is relief. I know this because relief is the first and strongest emotion I feel at the finish line of every marathon I run!”






If we just prop up Matt vertically, he’d fit right in with some of our other runners. Everyone, arms up, it’s time to celebrate!

Day26-Nicole Day26-Pam Day26-Robin

From left to right: Nicole, Pam and Robin

Ultramarathoner and our Find Your Finish Line expert Joshua Holmes shares with us this closing thought, “The photo of you crossing the finish line of the Boston Marathon will show one of the most pure expressions of joy on your face that you will ever see or experience in your life. I can’t wait to see photos of you all finishing the race and seeing the thrill on your faces knowing you did it…that you are a finisher of the prestigious Boston Marathon.”

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