Find Your Finish Line, Day 3:

In one photo, show us why you run

In a marathon, everyone runs the same 26.2 miles, but each crosses a personal finish line. Knowing what your personal finish line is and what it means, is a critical part of having the mental endurance to carry you the whole way. We asked our Find Your Finish Line runners to share with us, in the frame of a single photo, why they run.

For several in our group, running is a team sport. As part of a running group, they’ve created a bond with their running mates through which both joy and pain are shared. These runners feel that being part of such a close community helps truly define who they are and why they run.

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Where some are propelled forward by community, others in our group run because of family. Nicole shares her reason to run, “I run to show my daughter a positive example and to inspire her to love running and physical fitness in her life.”



Find Your Finish Line expert Sarah Bowen Shea on Nicole’s response: “So many mother (and father) runners do it to set a good example for their children. While often our children take our training in stride, I think there’s a cumulative effect just like there is in training. The miles and workouts get added on, and we often don’t know the results until much further down the road. I am certain all our children are affected in a positive way by seeing their parents set goals and work toward them. Keep up the good work, Nicole!”



Day3Photo5Why we run is personal and sometimes that’s all it needs to be. Meghan shares with us this simple reason, “Why do I run? Basically, I run for me. It’s probably the one thing I do for myself.”  She came across a t-shirt a while back that she says summarizes what running for herself really means. It says, “I don’t run to win races nor do I run to get places. I run to escape this world. I run to find peace with myself. I run to feel free and I run to feel strong.”

No matter why you run, knowing your motivation can only take you farther.

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