Find Your Finish Line, Day 4:

Draw a line to represent the race...

You wouldn’t naturally associate running with artistic ability. That’s ok, we wouldn’t either. However, that didn’t stop us from asking our runners to create some art for us. The art project was simple: Grab some paper and draw a long line. On one end of the line, write “Start” and on the other end, write “Finish.” This line represents the course at the Boston Marathon. Now fill in the rest of the paper with drawing or words.

Sure, our runners aren’t accomplished artists but the results were amazing. Varied. Creative. Deeply personal.

Meghan shares with us both her motivations and her challenges across the entire race. We love that she also mapped out where her water and energy boost points are in the map.


We get to see an animated Nash as he makes his way across the 26.2 miles.


Donna gives us an incredibly creative take on her race map and tells us, “This race is filled with baby steps. Every small step that I take will move me one step closer to the finish line, both in the #BostonMarathon and in life.”


We are invited to join Pam in her mind during the race. She explains, “There are a lot of words and thoughts that go through my head on race day.  Some are motivational quotes and mantras.  Other thoughts are reminding myself to run smart and “just for today, don’t be an idiot.”


Finally, with very few words at all, Nicole takes us through an emoji emotional whirlwind from Hopkinton to Boylston St.


A marathon is a long race and our runners really thought through the different sections of it. Beginnings are filled with excitement and joy. Middles are hard but determination also kicks in strong here. Endings are often triumphant and awesome. What amazing experiences they’ll have in those 26.2 miles. There will be highs and lows but what drives our runners is knowing that they are on their way to finding their finish line in Boston.

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