Find Your Finish Line, Day 5:

Choose a mile, dedicate it to someone

We don’t get where we are in life without the support of those around us and those that love us. This is indisputably true for our runners. On the 5th day of our 26 day journey towards the Boston Marathon, we asked our runners to reflect on this fact. Their task was simple: Choose a mile in the race, dedicate it to someone. Here are some of their tributes.

Mike – “Mile 26: I dedicate this Mile to every face that smiles, to every hand I touch, to every voice that shouts encouragement. The spirit and energy of the people in Boston along these hallowed streets, deserve to feel what I feel. So I run for them.”


Robin – “I have two very special miles included in the 26.2 that I will be running in Boston. They are mile 2 for Anna Kate Wenz and mile 16 for Aaron Bell. Although I didn’t personally know these children, they were from nearby towns. I supported and ran for these kids in the St. Jude Country Music Marathon Weekend on different years while they were being treated for cancer at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This is the second year I have supported Anna Kate, but sadly she just recently crossed her own finish line. The mile number is the age that these children were when they lost their battles with cancer and will always be extra special to me because they were both battling when I started supporting them, but didn’t get to the finish line with me. I am going to finish this race for them.”


Nicole – “I am dedicating Mile 1 of the #BostonMarathon to all those who have the courage to dream BIG!”


Jay – “Mile 17. For my dad, Bob Prasuhn. He taught me how to ride a bike, guided me through some stupid [stuff], encouraged me to go outside and play and has been there for all my key personal accomplishments. He’s crushing a version of Parkinson’s. Hard as nails. So I’ll play my hand and grind, just as he does every day.”


Matt – “I am dedicating Mile 1 to my brother Josh. Both of my brothers are runners as well. Josh hasn’t made it [to Boston] yet, but he dreams of it, and I hope that my participation in this year’s event gives him the last bit of inspiration he needs to make it happen.”


Donna – “Mile 26.2/The Finish Line: My Best Running Friend (BRF), Jennifer, gets the finish line. When we started running together about 3 years ago, she was always faster than me. I struggled to keep up, and it was miserable. I kept running with her though, and eventually, I could run next to her, not behind her. She encouraged me to reach for the stars to try to qualify for Boston. Now, we are training together for Boston. I cannot imagine a long run without her. I can’t wait to cross that finish line with you on April 18th, Jen!”


Nash – “Growing up, my aunt Ann, was my running hero. When I first qualified for Boston in 2012, she was so happy and proud of me. Sadly, she passed away one month before I ran my first Boston in 2014. To her, I dedicate the 12th mile, where the Wellesley students line up along the course. That was one of her favorite miles at Boston.”


The final word from our expert, Joshua Holmes: “The people that have inspired you will always fuel you whether at the Boston Marathon, another race, or in the basic aspects of life. The beauty of this race though is the people you will inspire. The people that will hear your tale of running this epic race. The people that will get off the sofa and walk around the block or go run their first 5K because they knew you and were inspired by you.”

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