Find Your Finish Line, Day 6:

What will finishing at Boston mean to you?

Throughout the week, our runners have been sharing their motivations for running and the inspirations driving them to find their finish line in Boston. So what will finally crossing that finish line mean to them? We asked our runners just that: “What will finding your finish line at Boston mean to you? Describe the you on the other side. What are you doing to get there?” In their own words, they tell us what they see as their Boston moment. Watch this highlight video.


A special shout out to Nicole’s response, mostly because of the excellent background in her video. As our expert Sarah Bowen Shea says, “Love the idea of her running in basement, on treadmill, always with her eyes on the prize, that Boston sports collage.”


Finally, Mike Ehredt, our Hyland’s Masters Athlete gives all of us something to think about. Perhaps the finding your finish line is not just about what happens at the end of the race but also about what happens while you get there.


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