Find Your Finish Line, Day 8:

Share something you love to see on your runs

The sport of running has a gift that few other athletic endeavors can give you, amazing views. As our Find Your Finish Line runners prepare for the big day in Boston, they’ve tracked hundreds of miles in training. We wanted to get a glimpse of that experience so we asked them, what’s something you love to see on your runs?

Chinh and Jay showed us that an early bird can be rewarded with beautiful sunrises.

Day8Photo1 Day8Photo2

The photos shared by Mike, Pam and Matt reaffirmed that getting out there, where it’s only you and a beautiful stretch of road, can be an incredibly rich and revitalizing experience.

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Our expert, Joshua Holmes, puts these vistas into perspective: “There is something about the wild freedom we feel when we run, when mixed with beautiful landscapes and wildlife, that makes us feel alive and connected to someone much greater than ourselves.”

As we make our turn into spring, Meghan and Louie shared collages of the beautiful season in bloom.

Day8Photo7 Day8Photo6

We can’t forget, however, that our runners are preparing for Boston, and that can be a whole different environment that they’re not used to. Sarah Bowen Shea from our expert panel has a quick reminder for those of us getting too attached to nature, “We need to mentally prepare ourselves for bare trees along the route east to Boston–it was such a surprise to me in 2012 that there were no leaves on the trees, and thus no shade!”

Some of our runners are already familiar with fewer trees on their path. That doesn’t, however, mean that they are exposed to any less beauty. Nash, Nicole and Robin are fortunate enough to trek amongst some beautiful cityscapes.

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Not to rain on anyone’s parade but it’s not all sunshine and butterflies across the country. Donna was a good enough sport to remind us that no matter the weather, you still have to put in your training miles.

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The roads to Boston may be long, but our runners’ have revealed that there is great beauty along each path.

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