Find Your Finish Line, Day 9:

With art, express how you’re feeling today towards training

Preparing for the Boston Marathon requires complete dedication of the body and the mind. It’s also important to explore emotional preparation as well. Every day, a simple, “how am I feeling” is a good way to check in. Sometimes the best way to express emotion is through art, so on Day 9 we want to see how our runners are feeling, through art.


Chinh shares this incredible piece with us, a canvas full of quotes that inspire him, which he leans on to stay motivated through training. 

Each phrase speaks to the spirit of the runner, but it is the old African proverb that our expert panelist Sarah Bowen Shea especially loves: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”


Preparation-Challenge 09-NicolePowerful words and phrases are what Nicole is feeling right now. She’s inspired by American long-distance runner and Olympian Kara Goucher (pictured). Goucher’s quote, “I don’t feel like myself unless I run. It’s how I deal with sadness and happiness. I need it. It’s like therapy,” speaks to Nicole.  

Sarah Bowen Shea loves the energy in Nicole’s art and cheers her on, saying, “LOVE the vision board!! I used one when I PR’d in a 2009 marathon, and I still treasure it. Great phrases on this one, Nicole!”




Challenge 09Art is nothing if not therapeutic and cathartic. Robin shows us the frustration of daily life encroaching on his training schedule. He states, “Too much work and stress, and now I have to somehow make time to run!!”

Trying to balance training with everything else in life can sometimes be a daunting task. If there is something our runners understand, it is the sacrifice that goes hand in hand with the challenge of reaching their Boston goal.



Preparation-Challenge 09-MeghanMeghan shares with us this bright portrait of herself on a run. She’s not letting anything get in her way, least of all a few puddles.

Our expert Joshua Holmes connects with Meghan’s piece: “Your artwork is warm and makes me feel an array of positive and strong feelings, [similar to what] I experience when I run on my favorite trails in Los Angeles.”


Many thanks to our runners for sharing their art projects and giving us a peek into their current feelings towards preparing for Boston.

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