“The Fuel That Propels Our Engines”

Reflections on Motivation by Joshua Holmes

by Joshua Holmes, Founder of Run It Fast and Ultramarathoner

Motivation can come from a meme, book-fair poster, dying friend, hero, frienemy, or even a dull rock on a country road. It’s something that can’t often be bottled up but is a powerful force when mixed with effort, hard work, desire, and goals.

Often times we are impressed by Day5ExpertPostothers that do things that we might not think that we are capable of accomplishing. When we look closer and compare ourselves to that individual though we will often find we are more similar than we are not, yet the only difference is motivation or the lack there of it.

It’s something that can come from the presence of something. It can be the presence of being around greatness or witness to remarkable events and people, an inspirational speech, or it can even come from the cruelty of one telling you that you aren’t good enough or can’t do this or that. Thereby there are many sources we can tap into to inspire and motivate us.

It’s something that can come from the absence of something in one’s life as well. It might be a former addict who has kicked a nasty habit or addiction. It can also be someone who has lost hundreds of pounds, escaped an abusive relationship, or is rediscovering life after a major illness, loss, setback, or divorce. Motivation can come from the absence of those things and the thirst to find something positive and worthwhile to fill that nasty void. It can be motivation to not regress to who we were or what we overcame. 

Positive Motivation has led many men and women to do the impossible. It’s something that can be found from an array of sources as stated above. Our goals are so much more obtainable and easy to reach when we are inspired or motivated. It’s the fuel that propels our engines to go the extra mile, train when we don’t feel like it, and reach our once impossible goals. 

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