“Grit is the Final Ingredient”

Thoughts on Preparation by Mike Ehredt

by Mike Ehredt, Hyland’s Masters Athlete

Without a recipe to succeed, my best laid plans may have never come to fruition. As simple as it should be to just run and run well, it is not. To be successful at Boston, whatever that means to you, requires many ingredients. In general I feel:

A cup of consistency

A cup of accountability to a plan

Two cups of determination

A mega dose of a daily positive outlook, can prepare us all for a great run.

Grit.Ā (But what happens if that one small dash of this special ingredient is left out?)

When all talent leaves you in the face of difficulty, grit is what will carry you on. Grit is the great equalizer. Grit is that final ingredient.

Every day you prepare, every day you are out in the wind, rain, heat, cold, every day you struggle in your workout prepares you for that crux, that moment in Boston where YOU WILL determine the amount of grit you possess. That moment when you realize all that preparation with your unique recipe has brought you to YOUR FINISH LINE!