“The Heart Will Surpass”

Thoughts on Celebrating Success by Mike Ehredt

by Mike Ehredt, Hyland’s Masters Athlete

Day25 ExpertpostCelebration….The reward never given but earned.

Reaching that finish line will mean so much to so many people and for me it is a culmination of 4 months of training with the never ending carrot dangling in front of my nose, that carrot being one special medal given after crossing the line.

Each mile will be celebrated because the people of Boston will be celebrating with me.

Each smile, each hand slap and yes even each kiss at Wellesley is invigorating.

Boston, unlike any other race I have done, really hits you emotionally. I had dreams of running here for 38 years, never imagining I would be so fortunate. The feeling of seeing each mile ticked off, of hearing thousands of voices cheering down the final quarter mile will lift me and others up even higher to a place of undulating encouragement and complete satisfaction.

Celebration for me on Monday April 18th will be another door to open and in doing so, step into a room that I can enjoy everyday for the rest of my life. That medal will remind me and so many others who earn one that hard work is rewarded and that whatever the mind determines is possible the heart will surpass.

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