Meet The Experts

An unparalleled panel of experts brought together to Find Your Finish Line

As our 10 runners journey towards Boston, our panel of experts will be there to provide insight, advice and support. In addition, they’ll also be guest blogging with us, sharing important ideas around our weekly topics.

Our Experts

Dave McGillivray

Race Director of the Boston MarathonDave-McGillivray

It is simply impossible to separate the modern Boston Marathon and Dave McGillivray. Dave has been the race director since 1988. On top of that, he’s not just a behind the scenes guy, Dave has run the race himself for over 40 years, one of those times, even blindfolded!

Among his many accomplishments, he is also part of an elite group of runners that have traversed the country. He’s done it twice, first west to east from Oregon to Massachusetts and then south to north from Florida to Maine.

What makes these feats more admirable is that he did them to raise money for charities he holds dear. He estimates that he’s run over 150,000 miles and raised millions for charities.

Last year, Runner’s World ranked McGillivray one of the top ten Most Influential People in Running. Dave is also an author, a motivational speaker and philanthropist.

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Bob Babbitt

If you’re looking for one word to describe Bob Babbitt, you’d probably want to start with “endurance.” As an athlete, Bob was one of the first Ironman Triathletes, beginning back in the late 1970s. His contributions since have earned him recognition by the Ironman and USA Triathlon Hall of Fames.

He is a prolific and enduring storyteller, a iconic bridge between the sport and its community. He co-founded Competitor Magazine and created Competitor Radio. His current endeavors are wrapped around Babbitt Media Group and includes his site, As host of Babbittville Radio, his radio and podcast program, Bob showcases the world’s best endurance athletes. Through Breakfast with Bob, on YouTube, you can watch him interviewing elite athletes around the world.

Bob’s boundless dedication to the endurance community and his embracing charm to all that have crossed his path makes him one of the most beloved contributors to the sport.

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Co-Founder Competitor Magazine, Iron Man Hall of Fame & Storyteller



Sarah Bowen Shea

Writer & Co-Founder of Another Mother Runner


Early morning, across the country, there is a tribe on the run. Its members span all ages and backgrounds but they have one thing in common, they are all running moms. If you’re looking for a leader and maybe even founder of this tribe, you should look no further than Sarah Bowen Shea.

Sarah co-authored “Run Like a Mother,” the book that has inspired countless women across the country to lace up their running shoes and put miles between themselves and their family.

The first chapter of the book is titled, “Running for Our Lives” and aptly describes what inspires these moms to run; hint, it’s not as simple as escaping. Sarah has helped these moms discover that running can enrich their lives and even that of their families.

The book’s followers grew into a robust community: Another Mother Runner, which lives across multiple social channels, a podcast and an official site. In fact, three of our runners, Donna, Meghan and Nicole, are from this very group.

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Joshua Holmes

Runners test themselves each time they go out. They aim to run a little faster or to go a little farther, like perhaps another half mile. For someone like Joshua Holmes, the definition of “a little farther” may be slightly different. He has completed over 150 marathons and ultras. He has run over 30 hundred milers. Thrice he has completed a race that is over 300 miles. When Joshua wants to go “a little farther,” you know he means business.

Joshua is founder of the popular running group, Run It Fast. The group inspires each other to continually push themselves to find new limits.

Members can opt to publicly track their mileage and check themselves against a leaderboard. At the end of last year, at the top of the leaderboard was none other than Joshua himself. Not only is he at the helm of the group, he is a definitive role model for his community.

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Founder of Run It Fast and UltramarathonerJoshuaHolmes2


Mike Ehredt

Hyland’s Masters Athlete


Mike Ehredt is an American runner — quite literally. In 2010, Mike ran across America from Astoria, OR to Rockland, ME. In 2012, he ran across the country again, this time from north to south. In total, he ran 6,570 miles those two years, and each mile held a very special meaning. Every mile, Mike would stop to plant a flag in remembrance and gratitude for a fallen soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What is even more remarkable is that as a child, Mike had two club feet and knock-knees. Through medical procedures and personal determination, he’s become an elite ultra distance runner, frequently participating in 100 milers.

Mike will be running the Boston Marathon this year for the 4th time and he’s dedicating his run to the community of Boston.

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Michelle Jezycki

Michelle Jezycki is someone who can take care of you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a casual runner or a full-fledged competitive triathlete. Not only is she a coach and trainer but she also founded a full service travel agency specializing in the needs of endurance sports athletes.

As an endurance athlete, you’re so focused on preparing for race day that the last thing you want to think about are the logistics of getting to the actual race. Michelle has coordinated over 90 events worldwide on behalf of her clients.

Michelle ran the Boston Marathon in 2013 as well as 2014. She recalls the latter year as running through a standing ovation for 26.2 miles. Her advice for first time runners is to split the race into four 10k races and then tackle each 10k’s unique challenges with different strategies.

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Hyland’s Masters Athlete