Chinh Le

Two-time Boston runner returns to give back to the greatest crowd in the world



AGE 41
LOCATION San Francisco, CA
OCCUPATION Studying to be a data scientist
2016 BOSTON MARATHON Third time

Meet Chinh

Chinh loves sports, and for many years he competed on an international level in the team sport of Ultimate (a field sport with flying discs).  At the height of his career, after taking 4th at the World Championship, he decided it was time to retire.  In its place, he began to run.

After a lifetime of team sports, Chinh loves the personal accomplishment that comes from running. “It’s the only sport I can think of where everyone can be a winner, if you set a personal record.  You win by finding out what you’re made of.”  For Chinh, it’s this accessibility that sets the sport apart from everything else.

Chinh is also drawn to the camaraderie and positivity of the sport.  He is intimately aware of the power of that positive energy.  Chinh’s first experience at Boston was in 2014, and for all intents and purposes it was a disaster. 

The race started well enough but at mile 13, he started experiencing severe cramping.  After visiting his 3rd medical tent, officials offered to give him a ride to the finish line. Determined to finish the race, he declined.  “Just fix me up enough to get to the next medical tent,” he said.  It was the intense support from the crowds that carried him to the finish line.  He recalls that he visited 5 medical tents that day; and yet, Chinh considers that race one of the best running experiences of his life.

When Chinh’s not running in a race, he tries to pay that positivity forward by cheering on other runners and serving as a pacing buddy—providing the extra encouragement needed to help others find their finish line.