Donna Malpeli

Preschool teacher and mother of four tackles her first Boston Marathon



AGE 39
OCCUPATION Preschool Teacher
2016 BOSTON MARATHON First time

Meet Donna

Donna is a life-long runner.  It all started in high school, as part of the track team.  Then, running became a part of who she is, inseparable from everything else.  And there’s a lot of that everything else.  She has a busy home—married with 4 children under 11.  Her work, as a preschool teacher, is surrounded by the buzz of constant youthful energy.  That might seem like a lot to some, but Donna loves the whirlwind of her family and her work with children.  As a balance to that busy schedule, running allows her much needed time away from the hustle of life to focus on herself.

For Donna, running is also about connection.  More than anything, it’s about friendship.  Donna has a running buddy who supports her and pushes her to be better. 

Together, they ran to qualify for Boston and both hit their times.  Yet, when the results were posted, her friend made the cut but Donna missed it by 20 seconds.  It devastated both of them.

When Donna found out she was going to Boston to find her finish line, she couldn’t believe it.  She will reunite with her best running buddy at Boston.  She expects they’ll do what they did at the qualifying race: “Take the race at only 2 miles at a time. Like anything in life, if you can just break it down into small components, you can do it.”