Jay Prasuhn

LAVA editor and endurance athlete pursues that one elusive finish line



AGE 44
LOCATION Encinitas, CA
OCCUPATION Senior Editor LAVA Magazine
2016 BOSTON MARATHON First time

Meet Jay

Jay is a seasoned writer that has traveled the globe covering endurance sports, particularly triathlons.  As an avid cyclist, it was only a matter of time before he was, as he says, “bitten by the bug.”

Now an avid triathlete, Jay participates in sprint to half Ironman distance events each year and has completed two Ironman races. He says he delights in taking on the biggest challenges and racing the most iconic courses.  Most of the time, he means triathlons, because by his own admission, he says “I’m not a runner.”

And yet, it was perhaps unavoidable that someone seeking iconic and challenging races would start to hear the call of Boston.

Jay has run three marathons and all three were to chase after a Boston qualifier.  A combination of inexperience, bad luck and, ironically, a travel bug has kept Boston just out of reach.

This year, Jay will finally have his chance at finding his finish line in Boston.