Louie DiNuzzo

Police officer returns to Boston to inspire a new generation



AGE 33
LOCATION Saratoga Springs, NY
OCCUPATION Patrol Sergeant
2016 BOSTON MARATHON Third time

Meet Louie

In 2007, Louie ran his first marathon—The Boston Marathon.  Running to raise money for charity, he secured one of the coveted spots allocated for law enforcement officers. He recalls that first race, his quads throbbing in pain and yet smiling ear-to-ear at the sights and sounds of the cheering crowd.

Fast forward to 2013, the day of the tragic bombing.  Louie was just starting his shift when he began hearing the news.  That night, he came home and told his wife that he had to go back.  Here’s how he tells it: “Being a runner that had run Boston before, being a police officer who knows what these men and women go through and the fantastic job they’ve done.  Those two experiences combined—the running and the law enforcement—wrapped up into one quick decision: I have to go back.  I have to run Boston again.  I have to run next year.  Just to say to the evil people out there, ‘We’re not going to be affected by this.  We’re going back to Boston.  We’re going to run.  It’s going to be better.’”

Through a lot of hard work, Louie made it back in 2014, and he describes it as one of the best moments in his life. “The amount of support for runners, police and military was fantastic.  A terrific experience.  If I wasn’t sweating so much, I’d have been crying the whole time.”

To Louie, any opportunity to run the Boston Marathon is a gift.  In 2016, he’s looking forward to bringing his 18 month old daughter to experience the race. He sees this year as a unique challenge, one that builds upon his previous experiences but also writes a new chapter in his life as a runner.