Matt Fitzgerald

Fitness writer chases redemption at the race that started it all



AGE 44
2016 BOSTON MARATHON Second time

Meet Matt

If you were in Boston in 1983, you would have had the incredible opportunity to see an 11 year old Matt Fitzgerald finish the Boston Marathon—sort of.  Matt’s father was the one that actually ran the race that year.  On the final mile, Matt and his two brothers joined their father, running him in to the finish line.  As onlookers cheered, he remembers distinctly hearing people pointing and saying “look at the kids” running.  The cheering crowd had thought all four of them had run the whole thing. “It was the biggest deal of my entire life.  I remember it vividly.  The very next day at the breakfast table, I announced I was going to be a runner.”

Today,  Matt is an accomplished writer, with over 20 books to his name and numerous bylines with leading national fitness publications. He’s run countless races and over 20 marathons. Running and writing are two of Matt’s true loves in life. 

In 2009, Matt finally returned to the Boston Marathon, but instead of the glory he imagined it was a catastrophe. His shoe fell off in the first 100 yards.  He was walking by mile 18.  He says, “It was the spirit of Boston saved the day for me—the encouragement I got from the people on the course.  They didn’t care if I got the time I wanted; they just wanted me to finish.” Although he finished the race, he says he came away from it “with a monkey on my back.”

2016 is Matt’s opportunity for redemption. Despite having run so many races before, it is this race that will finally, perhaps, close the circle on his very first Boston finish line, back in 1983.