Meghan Hoobler

HR exec positively blends motherhood and running to find her way to Boston



AGE 36
OCCUPATION Human Resources
2016 BOSTON MARATHON First time

Meet Meghan

Meghan has been athletic most of her life, but it wasn’t until 2012, when she picked up the book Run like a Mother, that she was inspired her to run her first marathon.  No stranger to running at that point, Meghan had already completed several 5Ks.  The book, however, was the perfect inspiration to elevate a journey that started when two things in her life came together: running and motherhood.

After her son was born, Meghan suffered from post-partum depression.  In an effort to avoid medication, Meghan battled her depression by taking her newborn out for walks.  With the help of a jogger stroller, the walks turned into runs.  The runs gradually increased in distance, beyond even the 5Ks that Meghan was used to.

After that first marathon in 2012, Meghan completed 3 more.  She enjoys training and the challenges involved, but more than anything, Meghan loves when she can run with her running group of other moms.  “It’s a therapy session.  We talk about everything.  Our children.  Our spouses.  Our jobs.  What’s cooking for dinner.  A little bit of everything.  I need it.  We all need it.”

Boston will be especially meaningful for Meghan because it will be the last training season for her with her running group.  She sees Boston as a capstone for this time with her Momma running crew.