Nash Ream

San Francisco consultant returns to Boston to continue family's running legacy



AGE 36
LOCATION San Francisco, CA
2016 BOSTON MARATHON Second time

Meet Nash

For Nash, you could say that running is in his blood.  When he was growing up, his entire family would run together.  They were so well recognized in their community, that the local news station even did a segment on them as the “running family.”

That family pedigree extends to Boston. Nash’s aunt, his mom’s twin sister, was one of the first women to run the Boston Marathon in the 70’s. Nash’s father ran as her pacing buddy for last half of the race.  And when it was Nash’s turn to run his first Boston in 2014, his father was also there to run by his side and lend support.

When running is in your DNA, it has a special place in your heart.  Nash describes running long distances as, “A form of poetry with the body.  You get lost in the rhythm of the steps.”

For many years, Nash viewed running as an escape—a way to leave behind the stresses and heartaches of life. With a shift in career and a fiancée in his life now, the deeper motivation of escape is gone.  As he’s moving into this new life stage, he’s looking for what that also means for him as a runner.  In all this, Boston calls to him.  It is a place rich with family history but also with new motivations.  He hopes that in Boston, the steps he takes towards the finish line will also be the same first steps towards a new running legacy—his own.