Pamela Nisevich Bede

Elite athlete and nutritionist seeks the thrill of Boston for the fifth time



AGE 34
LOCATION Beaver Creek, OH
OCCUPATION Writer, Nutritionist
2016 BOSTON MARATHON Fifth time

Meet Pamela

Accomplished runners have a tendency to be pretty humble about their achievements.  Pam has run close to 20 marathons and on top of that, has helped numerous others achieve their own success in endurance sports.  To hear her talk about it, it’s just another day’s work.  Pam believes everyone has the ability to do what she’s done.  And that might be true, if only she’d stop to let everyone else catch up.

This year will be her 5th time running Boston and 20th marathon.  That means a quarter of all her marathons are at Boston!

The last time she was there was when tragedy struck in 2013.  For her, there was no doubt she would be back—it was just a matter of when.

Now a mother of two, this Boston Marathon will hold new meaning for Pam.  She looks forward to the challenge of tackling the course once again—both the technical aspects and the unique atmosphere that only Boston can offer.  This year, she says, “I’m really hoping to take advantage and really absorb it.”