“Miles as Stepping Stones”

Reflections on Motivation by Michelle Jezycki

by Michelle Jezycki, Hyland’s Masters Athlete

Motivation is vital to success. Motivation gets you out the door for those training sessions you are not feeling up to. It is the reason you set the goal of Boston to begin with. Keep it in focus and use the miles as stepping stones in each training…..deposits into the account you will need to withdraw from on race day!

Personally I like to use my family and friends on my long runs to focus on one at a time/per mile, like dedicating one mile to Mom, next mile to Dad, etc…and focus on that one person, sending them well wishes/prayers or good thoughts. Before you know it you are on the next mile and now focusing on the next important person in your life.

Save the last mile for yourself to celebrate and focus on the WHY you are training and racing. Celebrate your dedication, missed happy hours and commitment to getting the training in to best cross that line on Boylston!

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