“Race Day is Pay Day”

Thoughts on Preparation by Michelle Jezycki

by Michelle Jezycki, Hyland’s Masters Athlete

Preparing for the marathon is always a bit of a whiplash event. One day you feel you are preparing properly and the next you doubt your plan, effort and possible outcome! These thoughts are normal and are akin to what we experience on race day with the highs and lows and going from ecstatic to exhausted to ecstatic again! Few things to keep in mind:


  1. Have faith in your preparation–this means your training plan as well as your effort!  
  1. Be realistic about missed workouts!–Unless you are professional, running is to be FUN! Life will get in the way as we prepare to tow the line. It happens to all of us. How we manage that is key. Don’t force or try to back up and “make up” a missed workout! Know you have been consistently putting mileage “bucks” in the bank and they will be there for you when you need to make that withdraw on April 18th!
  1. Come up with a “positive match” for the negatives that will creep into our minds during training and even race day. For every negative, match it with a positive, i.e. “I am strong!” “I’ve already covered X miles! (Instead of I still have 10 to go!), “I am fit!” “How many people will never even get the chance I have right now!” our minds will respond chemically and physiologically to the positive as well as to the negative so be prepared to talk yourself to a high again when you are feeling low.
  1. Know that you are going to the “big dance!” Boston is amazing on so many levels. Prepare your mind for the excitement, emotion and wonderful distractions along the course to Boylston! Soak it in and prepare for an amazing day!

 Good luck with the remaining training weeks and enjoy the journey!! Race day is payday! You are doing all the hard work in the weeks leading up to the Boston Marathon!

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