“Rust Never Sleeps”

Thoughts on Preparation by Joshua Holmes

by Joshua Holmes, Founder of Run It Fast and Ultramarathoner

The great Neil Young released an album in 1979 by the title of ‘Rust Never Sleeps.’ It’s a saying that has become my training mantra over the years and one that many don’t quite understand when hearing it for the first time.

Oxygen, water, and any iron mass over an extended time will turn into rust and will eventually disintegrate. Rust is constantly doing what it does….whether we are awake, sleep, or blowing bubbles into a cantina on the beach.

A lot of my gym and running social medial posts I tag with #RustNeverSleeps for that simple fact. I have to constantly be training, working out, and running to combat rust as I age and in my own ways become more and more exposed to the elements of life.

Rust can also be a metaphor for ‘competition’ or a variety of things. When we sleep or get lazy our competition is often out there doing what it takes to be the best and to best us.

It’s near impossible to stay ahead of rust because it never sleeps nor has an off-season.

Rust Never Sleeps is a simple saying that helps me constantly stay prepared, train hard, and get ready for my next race.

The Boy Scouts motto ‘Be Prepared’ is not only a great motto but sound advice for anyone running their first marathon or their first Boston Marathon. We never know how many chances we will have in life to do something as unique and special as the Boston Marathon. Go in as prepared as you can be knowing that this might be it. Don’t take it for granted.

Rust isn’t going to sleep so train hard, eat well, be smart, and be prepared to be your best you.

Rust Never Sleeps!

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