Special AMR Podcast: Find Your Finish Line

Sarah Bowen Shea chats with #HylandsFYFL runners Donna, Meghan and Nicole

Another Mother Runner PodcastThree of Hyland’s Find Your Finish Line Boston Marathon runners are part of an incredible community of running moms called Another Mother Runner (AMR), founded by Sarah Bowen Shea, co-author of the book Run Like a Mother and esteemed member of our panel of experts. Sarah hosts a weekly AMR podcast, and this week she, along with Coach Christine Hinton, interviews our very own Meghan, Donna and Nicole.

We are delighted to be able to share this episode, which dives into each mother runner’s journey. Meghan discusses the training and support she’s garnered from the women she runs with, and the fears she now faces as she prepares for a move that will take her away from this close group. Donna paints a picture of the bond she and her best running friend share and the way her view of running has changed over the years. Nicole shares how she morphed from an unsporty 20-something into a Boston-qualifier in her 40s, how running grounded her in the midst of multiple moves as the wife of a military officer, and tackling her first marathon in Europe along the way.

Sprinkled throughout these interviews are quick individual stories from other running moms sharing moments of challenge, inspiration, and support.

Listen to the podcast below. Interviews with the #HylandsFYFL team starts at 19:35.

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