“The Door of Motivation”

Reflections on Motivation by Mike Ehredt

by Mike Ehredt, Hyland’s Masters Athlete

Motivation is defined as an” inducement, reason or goal that causes us to act”.

I have found that for me, motivation will ebb and flow like a river. Over the years that sense of motivation has changed for me. People inspire and motivate me. Now when I see the attitude, the perseverance and strength of someone in their 70’s trying to be the best they can be, I get inspired. When I see the wheelchair athletes and amputees lining up in Hopkinton, I am inspired. When I see someone overweight, religiously making a positive change within themselves, I get inspired. I look at the eyes around me and I see determination in them. I am an observer and one who seeks the energy in my surroundings and those who occupy that arena of running.

We have all been there at some level. Taking those first steps. We all have that inner drive, that door of motivation that gets opened. It never dies. One day will be the last day and one step the last step and when it comes I hope my legacy is that just one person has been motivated by my actions as I have been of theirs. Keep that door of doubt closed and let your fire burn brightly for all to see.  

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