“What Else is Possible?”

Thoughts on Celebrating Success by Joshua Holmes

by Joshua Holmes, Founder of Run It Fast and Ultramarathoner

Day21 ExpertPostLet down can be common after finishing a big event or goal you’ve been racing towards for months if not years. The finish line at times can be a bit of a let down after so much build up in training and all the obstacles you might hurdle during race day to get to the finish.

Never stop dreaming, never stop achieving!

Enjoy your Boston Marathon finish. Wear your medal, be proud of it, and share your experience with your family and friends. Your story will inspire others whether they ever let you know it or not. Display your medal for others to see or pack it away quietly in a box that stays in the back of your closet. Medals and mementos from races have different value and meanings to different people. The memories from the race are the true celebration of what you did. Those are the things that are engrained in your memory and soul that forever change you. They are always with you wherever you go.

But don’t retire to the sofa the rest of your days and watch others in your life, and on your TV, do amazing feats of greatness as you waste away setting adrift on memory bliss of back in the day when you ran the Boston Marathon.

Don’t let finishing the Boston Marathon be THE highlight of your life. Keep challenging yourself and digging deep to see what else is out there and what else is possible. Let Boston be the life-altering event that gives you the confidence to do more, whether it be doing it faster, running further, or challenging yourself with events in the mountains or in the wilderness you might not have been brave enough to attempt before you finished the Boston Marathon.

No one knows your limitations but you, and you will never know them unless you keep seeing what is possible as you go beyond your preconceived barriers.

Boston doesn’t have to be the destination. It can be an amazing landmark along your journey to discovering yourself and the world.

Celebrate Boston and keep celebrating finishes all over the world knowing with each accomplished feat that the next one will be just as rewarding, exciting, and bigger than the last one.

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